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40 Years of Excellence

Four decades of unwavering service, Mobil

Runner Up for the 2016 & 2017 Circle of Excellence award

Burke Lubricants developed a new sales pipeline and customer relationship management system, called Sale Sync Pipeline, which was instrumental in generating 23% volume growth in 2015.

Founded in 1972 and specialising in Mobil Lubricants, Burke Lubricants has served a broad-ranged customer base in several business sectors, including the commercial, automotive, industrial, aviation & marine industries.

Our Aim

Have unmatched levels of customer service and technical support.

Provide deliveries within 48 hours by housing the largest lubricant stock holding within both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Be pro-active in seeking out new markets and offer continued support and reliable deliveries to our customer base

Maintain the highest quality standards in our market and be Number One in any area in which we operate

Significant Events in Burke History


Formation of SJ Burke & Co. by Sylvester Burke selling Mobil Lubricants


Burke Lubricants completes construction of new bulk lubricant storage and filling facility to EM DQM standards

Ownership of Business passes from Sylvester to Tom Burke


Burke Lubricants purchases the Irish lubricants division of Jones Oil known as Lubricant solutions


Burke Lubricants expands its business into Northern Ireland

Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability at Burke Lubricants

At Burke Lubricants, we are committed to being a responsible citizen in the communities where we operate, not just because doing so fosters a stable and productive business environment, but more importantly, because it is the right and responsible thing to do.

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