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Automotive Tech News

Car engine oils for
specific automotive needs

  • Keeps your vehicle performing at its best.
  • Optimal selection of motor vehicle fluids for your requirements.
  • Oils for automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars.

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For all-season performance
in Commercial Vehicles

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Industrial synthetics
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  • Over 100 years experience in the industrial sector.
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A 90-year legacy
of Marine lubricant

  • Providing premium quality products for engines and shipboard equipment.
  • Utilizing Mobil's global network of marine lubricant supplies.
  • Optimizing your fleet operations to be efficient and cost-effective.

Aviation Tech News

aviation lubricant

  • "Nose-to-Tail" lubrication products.
  • Technical expertise and services for commercial and general aviation needs.
  • Awarded supplier of pioneering ExxonMobil products.

How to use Grease Guns by Peter Smith, ExxonMobil Lubrication Field Engineer

One of the most familiar tools for on site lubricators is the simple grease gun. This is used to apply grease to internal bearings and machinery and ensure the proper lubrication required to prevent equipment failure. Using the traditional, manual grease gun however, can prove somewhat laborious, especially if you have to pump grease to lots of different locations on site.

For safer and more accurate grease lubrication, automatic grease guns are extremely useful. These allow for much easier grease application.  And, when equipped with a grease flow meter,  they ensure exact grease quantities can be applied. This prevents issues with over- or under-greasing of equipment bearings.


Peter Smith, ExxonMobil Lubrication Field Engineer, UK & Ireland