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Automotive Tech News

Car engine oils for
specific automotive needs

  • Keeps your vehicle performing at its best.
  • Optimal selection of motor vehicle fluids for your requirements.
  • Oils for automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars.

Commercial Vehicles Tech News

For all-season performance
in Commercial Vehicles

  • Trusted port of call for commercial industry operation specialists.
  • Assisting you with maintaining superior productivity levels.
  • Offering you superior service delivery.

Industrial Tech News

Industrial synthetics
that maximise productivity

  • Wide range of advanced Mobil products.
  • Over 100 years experience in the industrial sector.
  • Enables peak productivity levels.

Marine Tech News

A 90-year legacy
of Marine lubricant

  • Providing premium quality products for engines and shipboard equipment.
  • Utilizing Mobil's global network of marine lubricant supplies.
  • Optimizing your fleet operations to be efficient and cost-effective.

Aviation Tech News

aviation lubricant

  • "Nose-to-Tail" lubrication products.
  • Technical expertise and services for commercial and general aviation needs.
  • Awarded supplier of pioneering ExxonMobil products.

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Steel Mill enhances safety and generates annual savings of more than €17,000

What was the Trouble at the Mill? In a bid to improve employee safety and lower operating costs, the steel mill operator contacted its local ExxonMobil representative, for help. They went to the mill to investigate and discovered that the facility was lubricating its rolling mill bearings with a competitor’s lithium-based mineral grease. By itself,...

What are the impacts of natural Refrigerants on lubricants?

Alessandro Di Maio - Industrial Product Technical Advisor EAME ExxonMobil explains the impacts of natural refrigerants on lubricants The refrigeration industry is undergoing a transformation. Global environmental legislation, primarily intended to help protect the ozone layer, means businesses are increasingly adopting natural refrigerants – such...

£21,600 saved annually by energy company after switching to Mobil Pegasus™1005

   Situation: A district energy company in the United Kingdom operates several trigeneration sites that produce heat, power and chilled water. While lubricating its gas engines Caterpillar CAT 3516 C with a mineral-based oil, the company was achieving 1,000-hour oil change intervals based on used-oil analysis results.    Solution: After...

Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W30 Customer Review - Germany

Mobil Delvac™ 1 LE 5W-30 Achieves Fuel Economy Savings of 2.1 Percent Versus Competitor 5W-30 Engine Oil Over the last 12 months the fuel economy potential of Mobil-branded commercial vehicle synthetic lubricants versus conventional mineral based oils has been demonstrated by the independent fuel economy tests at Millbrook, and fuel economy...

115,000 Euro's saved in fuel costs by Dutch Haulage company

  Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30  engine oil helps Dutch haulage company achieve fuel savings   Savings from 1.29% to 4.09% have been observed in specific tests Objective: Reduce Fuel Consumption and Lower Emission Levels Haulage Company: E. van Wijk Logistics B.V. Location: Giessen, Netherlands   Situation...

Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5w30 achieves average fuel savings of 3.4% for haulage company

Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 engine oil helps Swedish shipping and logistic company extend oil drain intervals Objective Extend drain interval Company: Shipping and Logistic company Location: North of Sweden   Situation and Objectives A shipping and logistics company based in the North of Sweden operating a fleet...

Mobil Delvac 1 LE TW30 Engine Oil, helps company E van Wijk Logistics B.V. achieve Fuel Savings from 1.29% - 4.09%

Objective Reduce Fuel Consumption and Lower Emission Levels ·      Haulage Company: E. van Wijk Logistics B.V ·      Location: Giessen, Netherlands   Situation and Objectives E. van Wijk Logistics B.V. is a haulage company based in the Netherlands operating...

Burke Lubricants Customer - Gallagher's Bakery - Saving 29,000 euros per year by using Mobil SHC Polyrex 222

PROOF OF PERFORMANCE                               MobilSHC Summary: Gallagher's Bakery - Saving €29,000 per year by using Mobil SHC Polyrex 222 Gallagher's Bakery Co. Donegal, Ireland     Background Gallagher’s...

Burke Lubricants customer saves 387,840 Pounds annually with SHC 005

BURKE LUBRICANTS CUSTOMER – MOBIL POLYREX SHC 005 SAVES £387,840 ANNUALLY COCA COLA HELLENIC’S BOTTLING PLANT IN LISBURN Coca Cola Hellenic Lisburn, Co Down Northern Ireland   Background Hellenic’s key machines for bottling Coca Cola and other leading soft drink brands have to work non-stop,...

Burke Lubricants customer saves 432,330 Pounds annually with SHC Cibus 150

BURKE LUBRICANTS CUSTOMER – MOBIL SHC CIBUS 150 SAVES £432,330 ANNUALLY AT THE COCA COLA HELLENIC BOTTLING PLANT IN LISBURN Coca Cola Hellenic Lisburn, Co Down Northern Ireland   Background The Angelus Seamer line is a key machine at Hellenic’s state of the art bottling plant at Lisburn where Coca...

Mobil Industrial Lubricants - Mobil Pegasus 1005 Natural Gas Engines

Mobil Pegasus 1005 in Natural Gas Engines Saves $190,000   Caterpillar 3516 Natural Gas Engine  Gas Gathering Field Oklahoma, USA Benefit Use of Mobil Pegasus 1005 resulted in an annualized benefit of $190,000 in forty-four engines driving power generators and water pumps. Reduced oil consumption due to extended...

Mobil Industrial Lubricants - Mobil Pegasus 1005 CATERPILLAR 3516 POP

Caterpillar 3516 Natural Gas Engine  Gas Gathering Field Oklahoma, USA   Benefit By switching to Mobil Pegasus 1005, this Oklahoma natural gas gathering company was able to extend their oil drain interval (ODI) from 2,100 hours to over 10,500 hours, compared to previous Mobil Pegasus Gas Engine Oils with 0.5% sulfated...

World Cement

New 3600 tpd cement plant of Ciments de l’Atlas S.A., Morocco   GREASED LIGHTNING   Andrea Jacobsen, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties – Europe, Middle East & Africa, introduces the importance of lubrication to a cement plant in terms of energy efficiencies and cost savings.   For a cement...

Steel Plant increases productivity by switching to high performance lubricants

-  Mobil Vacuoline has enabled Russian steel manufacturer to reduce downtime and save up to $222,000 USD over two years. -  Bearing failures at a steel mill eliminated following the introduction of Mobilgrease XHP 461. -  Mobil-branded industrial greases and oils have the potential to help steel operators achieve a competitive...

Mobil SHC 500 Series - Supreme performance synthetic hydraulic oils

Mobil SHC 500 hydraulic oils can help reduce equipment energy consumption by up to 6.2%* - Exhibits excellent low and high temperature performance. - Delivers outstanding oxidation stability and innovative ‘keep-clean’ properties. - Mobil SHC 500 can help to extend both oil and equipment life in a wide range of applications. LONDON,...

Burke Lubricants Customer - Mobil SHC Cibus has saved 1,400 Euros as well as additional production losses.

Irish Pride Bakeries  Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland  Background  The major food retailers supplied by Irish Pride require NSF H1 food machinery lubricants to be used in the production areas, both above and below the production line.  Irish Pride has a number of moderate duty and severe duty gearboxes...

Mobil DTE 10 Excel series

PROOF OF PERFORMANCE Energy savings of 3.7% on average Used in injection molding machines for manufacturing molded plastic parts in the automotive industry Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg, Germany Situation and goal In the manufacture of plastic molded parts, the automotive industry uses injection molding...

Savings of 100,000 Euros in electric motors with Mobilith SHC grease

Paper company Germany Situation Motors were for years lubricated using grease compliant with DIN KP2N-20. The result was oil ingress into the winding space due to excessive oil deposits. Recommendation Use grease compliant with DIN-KP3N-20. DIN-KP3N-20 is the preferred OEM recommendation. Motors are generally supplied...

Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 saves 40,000 Euros /y in sugar mill

Rotary valves of vacuum evaporators Sugar Company Germany   Situation High temperature (130°C - 160°C) in rotary valves. High wear and low lifetime of plates, drums and rotors. No NSF-certificated grease in use, but contamination is possible.   Recommendation Change to NSF-certificated Mobil...

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